PETRUS, LIGHTS OF LONDON and UNITED UNIFORMS are the labels by RIVERGATE – manufacturer of premium fashion and established as a Wellensteyn-affiliate. The family-run corporation is dedicated to the development of quality products in clearly defined fashionable niches. With modern logistics and an extensive NOS-storage, these labels are a reliable partner for long-term success in the fashion business. The passionate team possesses many years of experience in manufacturing high quality jackets and benefits from a wide network. This competence constitutes the basis for a portfolio of strong brands that carry a distinctive design signature. Innovative materials, modern cuts and highest quality workmanship make the difference.





CR7 CRISTIANO RONALDO Shirts & Underwear was established in 2013 by Cristiano Ronaldo and the 1939 founded global player – danish underwear manufacturer JBS Textile Group.

“The companies that I choose to work with need to be fashion oriented and of the highest quality to be able to deliver a superior product to my fans. In JBS I have found a collaborator who designs and produces products of the highest quality and have a strong heritage of great design”, says Cristiano Ronaldo.

New York-based designer Richard Chai (known for his work for Lanvin, DKNY, Marc Jacobs and many others) has played an important part creating the designs and styles.

The underwear and socks collection consists of five lines : Luxury, Fashion, Basic, Boys and Girls.





Starting with the actual F/W 2016 season our company is the responsible agent for the PIERRE CARDIN WOMEN collection.

With its unique handwriting Pierre Cardin is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. He was the one who had the haute couture made available for all people. He has always remained true to his style: innovative styles with clean lines and a high design standard. Despite all the elegance and fashionable sophistication is making fashion for millions, not for millionaires!

Pierre Cardin Women – made for stylish, self-confident women, always looking for new ideas and inspiration!




DIRTY PAGE CLOTHING – 100 % manufactured and handcrafted in Italy started successfully and well positioned in the German market right from the beginning. Innovative cuts and woolen fabrics have just hit the feeling of what menswear and pants should be today.


DIRTY PAGE is the sheet that tells who we are. A marked sheet over time with a thousand notes, sketches and projects. Marked by successes, commitment and hard work, but also from those mistakes that have helped us to grow and to define what we are today. A small company, a factory made of people united by a single project and a common goal: making quality.

Fifteen years of tradition and innovation led to design, engineering and manufacturing our products with the heart and the expert hands of someone who loves what he does. In the pocket, on each fabric, on all sew buttons with pride our passion and our vision of fit, to create a comfortable and long-lasting product. Now go out there and exfoliate your DIRTY PAGE !




With  the  S/S  2010 collection e.t.c. Modevertrieb  started  the  distribution of the  high-fashion  Italian  label MET IN JEANS in Germany and actually a successful and promising relaunch.

MET is a complete,  casual and super sexy women’s wear clothing line strongly characterised by a certain crafts and technology mix, but also in its choice of materials and manufacturing process.

The brands real strongpoint is its supporting organisation, a resource and competence structure guaranteeing a high customer service level, considerable manufacturing flexibility and enabling its product to follow the continuing market changes.



SWEET PANTS – from Paris/ France is the MUST HAVE sweat pant. Basics in all colors, labeled with the eyecatching leaf label plus an incredibly innovative Premium collection with leather, knit and prints. All available in slim and loose designs.

Sweet up your life !

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DEFEND PARIS is fashion with a cause, imagined by a team of French designers and Brahim Zaibat.

Thought provoking and much sought after by celebrities all over the world.

DEFEND wants to encourage you to support the charity of our choice. You can support a cause by purchasing an item of clothing. A part of the proceeds will be donated to that specific charity.

Some items of clothing will be designed by high profile people who have causes they want to DEFEND.…

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